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bubble counters as pH monitors?

(Damian wrote)
Subject: Bubble counters as pH monitors? 
From: Damian Barton <daemondamian at ozemail_com.au> 
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 22:45:01 +1000 
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Netscape/7.02 Hello folks,I once made a really crappy bubble counter which 
didn't last long asit wasn't very well made. However I remember I added some pH 
indicatortest liquid to it and it changed color dependent on bubble rate.
I'm in the process of buying a Dupla Bubble Counter for my low pressure
cylinder setup and was wondering it it was possible to add ph test liquid to 
water you put in the counter?

Could it work? If not why not?



Hi Damian,
I assume you are talking about using a bubble counter as a tank pH monitor? 
It will not work because there is no contact between the tank water and the 
liquid in the counter. The only thing you will see there would be the CO2's 
effect on the pH of the test liquid, which has nothing to do with the tank.

Get yourself a chemical pH test kit or an electronic pH monitor and test the 
water directly.

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