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My Goals

Hi Everyone,
Tom asked about our goals in keeping a planted tank.  First, I will
introduce myself.  I joined the list a few weeks ago.  I have participated
slightly when questions were asked about planted tanks and goldfish.  I
currently have five aquariums up and running.  One 66 gallon planted tank
with five goldfish, one 38 gallon planted tank with two goldfish, one 30
gallon tank, decorated with silk plants with two goldfish, one twenty gallon
quarantine tank, currently housing one large goldfish that is finished
quarantine but not moved yet, and one 10 gallon tank that has been home to
two corydoras catfish for the past 11 years.  It is furnished with some
terracotta flower pots on their sides and some rock caves.

I guess my goal in keeping a planted tank is to provide a place of beauty
for the fish to reside and for me to enjoy.  I enjoy the challenge of
keeping underwater plants, not just having them survive, but having them
thrive.  I never realized all of the learning that would go into this hobby
:-)  It has been an adventure!