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Re: Goals for my Planted Aquaria

Tom asked-
"What are your personal goals with a planted tank?"

It's funny you should ask that Tom, I've been thinking a lot lately of Neil's stages of the Evolution of the Planted Aquarist and how things have changed for me over time.

Goal Numero Uno- Personal Enjoyment
I've reached the point where I just want to sit on my old couch and stare at a pretty tank. I don't want to spend great deals of time up to my elbows pruning and maintaining any longer. I've done the whole grow-as-many-species-as-possible and the how-high-can-I-get-my-electricity-bill things and now just want to enjoy the results of what I've learned with as little effort as possible.

2- Self Improvement
I'm always interested in improving my aquascaping skills and horticultural technique. Whoever here says they're not interested in having that little blue ribbon from AGA is either lying or they're not telling the truth. :) When I first started I was most interested in doing well in competition to make a name for myself. Now I'm more interested in learning better ways of growing plants and making my tanks pretty with them. I've also come to the point where I've learned a lot of general stuff and am more interested in a few specific types of plants and learning as much about them as possible.

Three- Personal Enjoyment

Yeah, it's worth mentioning twice. That's why we do this whole thing, isn't it?

Phil Edwards in bright sunny Charlotte, NC

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