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top fin or all-glass?

Hello everyone!

I've got the bug to get a big tank, and have been shopping what is available
in my area.

The town approx 80 miles south of me is the only place that sells tanks
larger than 29 gallon, as they have both a PetSmart and Petco.

So I priced the 120 gallon all-glass from petco at something like $400 with
tax, and the 120 gallon top-fin from petsmart at around $305 with tax.  Both
measure approximately 48x24x24 if I remember correctly.

Also I think petsmart had a 150 gallon which measured 60x24x24 for $359.
All-glass does not have a similar tank.

My space and stand are built to hold just about any amount of weight (being
of sound 2x4 construction with direct-load bearing L shaped legs.)

The top of the stand is 60x26, which would be a perfect fit for 150 gallon
top fin, which even with tax would still be less expensive than the 120

Problem is... I cannot find any information on 'who' top-fin is ... they
seem to closely related to PetSmart , I have heard rumors that the actual
tanks are made by all-glass and sold under petsmarts' Top-Fin brand name.
If this is true, then were did the 5 foot long tank come from, as there is
no such beast in All-Glass' catalog.

Additionally, I know All-Glass' 120 is standard glass, but I believe I saw a
sticker on the Top-Fin warning about the bottom being tempered glass.
Although this is not an immediate problem, should I ever in the future want
to get the tank drilled for internal plumbing, it would be impossible with a
tempered glass bottom - I would have to have the back pane drilled or

So I guess my question is really looking for feedback on the personal
experiences with top-fin, as well as information related to who actually
makes the tank, and whether the bottom is truly tempered or not.  

I know All-Glass makes a good product and has a long warranty on their
tanks, but regardless of who made the tank, neither company will come and
repair a 200+ pound tank on site ... and if it leaks, the least of my
concerns will be getting the tank repaired, as 1300+ lbs of water and gravel
will be forefront!

Seeing as how I will have to arrange transportation and help for this
project, it's not something I want to make the "wrong" decision on.

Thanks for your time