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Re: Interesting light idea--it's heavy, Man

You forgot the testla coil for the lighting bolts  ;-)

Perhaps an ultrasonic fogger to simulate early morning fog?

After last week's vacation, I can definetly provide the soundtrack if you
choose to go digital.

Giancarlo Podio

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Re: Interesting light idea--it's heavy, Man


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You'd need some xenon flashes for the lightning run with
special timers -- maybe build something around the old
workhorse Ne555 analogue chip.  And then maybe a felt
covered hammer (from an old piano) striking a cookie sheet
or tin sheet for thunder -- hmmm, and a linear
electromagnetic motor to move the hammer??? maybe go
digital soundtrack--definitely need a subwoofer to get down
below 30Hz.

And sprinklers -- you'd need sprinklers for rainfall --
that would be easy enough.  I don't think there's a way to
make clouds and have them hold together for any length of

Scott H.