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Atlanta Fish Stores


I can't say enough good things about Petland here in Atlanta. They keep Amano shrimp, *true* SAEs, and lots of other wonderful freshwater fish in stock. Plant selection is hit and miss depending on the day and week, but good overall. There is one on Ashford Dunwoody rd, just outside the perimiter. (this is far closer in than some of the other stores mentioned in Duluth or Alpharetta) The Fish Store & More's plant selection has gotten much better of late. I'm always bugging Bill (one of the owners) about plants :) They are really more salt water focused though. Aquarium Showcase is great, but it's *quite* a hike to Alpharetta if you're actually in Atlanta proper. Also if you're near a Petco they can be good to browse, the ones here are hit-and-miss depending on the staff. 

(enjoying the heck out of the new pressurized CO2 setup he's got on his 30 gallon)