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Re: Atlanta area Fish Stores

Hi all,
to reiterate what Daphne said in her reply to this thread, the best plant 
selection, hands down, of any Atlanta area fish store is Petland in Duluth. I 
believe they have about 24 40 gallon tanks with nothing but plants in them. They 
have the widest selection. Aquarium showcase is a great store, I just bought 
my 240 gallon from them, and Fish Store and More is very nice also, and they 
have nice plants, but the largest amount and widest selection is at PetLand.

Fish Store and Aquarium Showcase are _definitely_ more for the reefer, but 
they maintain nice plants and freshwater fish selections. Petland is about 50/50 
salt vs fresh. Fish Store and Aquarium Showcase both have excellent supply 
selsctions, much more that PetLand. They simply have more space, as they are 
fish only type stores and PetLand is a full service pet shop.

All three are great in their own area.


I'd recommend a three store tour, taking in all of them.

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