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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #251

Hi Tim,
I currently have two planted tanks housing fancy goldfish.  The plants are
quite heavily planted which I think helps with goldfish.  I also let the
algae grow on the back wall of the tank, and the goldfish like to pick on

I currently have my tanks planted with cryptocornes, echinodorus,
vallisneria, vesicularia dubyana, hygrophila difformis, sagittaria, nymphaea
maculata, microsorium pteropus, ludwigia, egeria, cabomba, bacopa and
alternanthera.  I have not had much problem with the goldfish eating the
plants.  They will uproot the odd one if the cuttings are not well rooted,
but once they are established that is not a problem.  I give my goldfish
fresh veggies on a regular basis and maybe this helps.  I also have a couple
of tanks furnished with just silk plants.  That way, if I do purchase a
notorious plant eater one of these days, he can reside in the silk planted
tanks.  Also, these tanks are good for quarantine tanks, since they can be
medicated without fear of hurting the plants.  I currently have my low light
tank (which is a 38 gallon tank) lit with three 20 watt fluorescent tubes,
and the cryptocornes are growing beautifully.

I hope this helps your friend.

>Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 00:55:53 EDT
>From: Armstr0ng420 at aol_com
>Subject: Re: Goldfish resistant plants
>> Are there any other plants that goldfish won't eat? A friend of mine
>wants a planted tank, but she keeps goldfish, I am hoping to help her out.
>Also, would a 2x55 watt CF be enough light for crypts over a standard 55