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Re: West Nile - FYI


My heart goes out to you, I hope your son can recover from this rapidly, his
youth is on his side. I know too well how it feels to have a child in
danger. Guard your own health while you are under such stress so that you
can be there to do what you need to do. Time to break out the multivitamins
and watch your nutrition for you won't realize how run down you are getting
until later.

Ann, 3 years since my daughter's car accident

> Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 19:20:53 -0600
> From: Jvandersarl <jmarella at comcast_net>
> Subject: West Nile - FYI
> I wanted to drop in and encourage all of you to take precautions
> against the West Nile virus, especially those of you who live in areas
> being affected. My 17 year old son has been hospitalized with a severe
> West Nile infection this weekend, along with viral meningitis. I know
> alot of us collect plants / fish outdoors, so I think is relevant to
> the list. You need to be aware that there is NOTHING - no treatment at
> all for the virus other than IV fluids to keep you hydrated, so please
> use a repellant containing DEET. It's just not worth the risk of not
> using repellant.
> The CDC has info on their website about West Nile (sorry I don't have
> the URL handy) and Colorado has one at
> http://www.fightthebitecolorado.com
> JoAnn - Southern Colorado