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Setting up a planted discus tank

Hello All..


I am in the process of trying to get a planted discus tank going. I haven't
bought any equipment yet as I am researching on what to buy. Things I am
thinking about are:


1)     Size of tank: probably a tank from 55 to 75 gallons. What are the
best dimensions of the tank? 

2)     CO2 system: what kind of system should I consider...brand, etc

3)     Undergravel heater system: is Dupla the way to go here?

4)     Substrate: what's a better substrate to go with? Laterite or

5)     Lighting: Is the compact florescent lighting the best solution? Metal
Halide? Mercury Vapor?

6)     Filtering: what kind of filter should I consider? Eheim canister?
Wet/ Dry? Etc...

7)     Electronic controllers for pH, temp, oxygen, etc: are these devices
worth getting? 

8)     What plants should I only consider for this discus tank?

9)     How many discus should I get?


These are some of the things I am contemplating about. I haven't been in the
aquarium hobby for about 10 years so I am trying to catch up on what the
latest stuff can do for me. I used to have a few bare bottom discus tanks 10
years ago. I have never had a live planted aquarium. Anybody have any ideas
on the above? Have any good recommendations / good experiences that might
help me determine what equipment I should get?





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