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Interesting light idea

Seeing Roger Miller's lightring set up reminds me of an idea I had a long time 
ago. His lighting set up makes it practical. 

I was thinking of a daily cycle of light, running from sunrise to sunset. With 
a set up like Rogers, I would have a red bulb in the far "East" end location. 
the next bulb would be a reddish bulb, 2700K or so. Then 4100K then three or so 
6700K in the middle. Then 4100K, 2700K and maybe a blue bulb at the "West" end. 

During the day, the lights would sequence on so the red "sunrise" bulb came on 
first, then successive bulbs would light from East to West (yeah, a timer per 
bulb).  All the lights would be on sometime in the morning until late 
afternoon. Then they would sequence off East to West until just the 
blue "Moonlight" bulb was on.    

I don't think it would make a difference in plant growth but it might look 
cool. And you could always throw in an afternoon thunderstorm (half the lights 
off) at 2 PM or so.