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Native Fish Collecting trip - Oklahoma Aug 30th

The Oklahoma City Aquarium Association is planning a native fish collecting trip for August 30th, 2003.
The host stream will be Barron (AKA Baron, Barren) Fork Creek, a tributary of the Illinois River.
Barron Fork flows West/Southwest from Arkansas and eventually meets the Illinois River near Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Based on other's experience and other good reference materials, the creek contains
many desirable species for the home aquarium: darters, madtoms, shiners, and minnows should be on-hand.
Barring any sudden changes, the conditions should be favorable for easy collecting.

Barron Fork is popular for swimming at access points but won't have the constant stream of canoes that the Illinois River experiences - an important consideration since this will be a holiday weekend.
The 'start-point' will be determined within the next couple of weeks. Welling Road bridges the creek near it's confluence with the Illinois River and may make a fine start for us. There is another
bridge further upstream along Route 51 which may make it easier for everyone to meet.

There are many camp grounds in the area. A simple Google search for "Illinois River Oklahoma" should bring you to numerous websites. However and as mentioned earlier, this is a holiday weekend and space
may be limited if you plan to stay in the area.
If you plan to go, please post your intentions on the OKCAA forum (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OK-AquariumAssociation/), or contact Brian Carson directly at blcarson at sbcglobal_net

Oklahoma City Aquarium Association

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