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Plants for Goldfish

Hi Maggie,
I currently keep goldfish and I have one 66 gallon planted tank and one 40
gallon planted tank.  I have found that cryptocornes are great to keep with
goldfish.  The goldfish will not eat them.  They must taste really bad.  I
have also heard that bolbitis is a good one with goldfish, but I have not
tried it.

Are you keeping fancy goldfish or common goldfish?  I find that my brood do
not bother my plants very much.  They are all fancy goldfish ranging in size
from approx 2 1/2" to 4" (body size not including fins).

I currently add nitrate everyday to my tanks as my nitrates levels are
always zero.  The 66 gallon tank has six goldfish and the 40 gallon has
three and still zero nitrate, even when adding everyday.

Needless to say I have algae problems. Because of the
goldfish, my temperature is ~ 65-75 deg F. and many
of the rapid bunch plants that might take up the
nitrates don't survive predation. I'd be interested
in extremely fast growing rooted plants. Bunch plants
get uprooted by the fish and are difficult to replant
in the tall tank. Anacharis was growing well for a while
but I had to trim and replant them and they all died.
I grew crinums for a while but once algae grew on them
they changed from unappetizing into goldfish treats...