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RE: Ultralux and T5 florescent lights -- and PCs

Dave Gomberg said about Kim, the guy that runs AH Supply:

. . . Kim costs 10% more than the best price I can find if
that, and speaks at conventions and donates door prizes and

I have no doubt in my mind who to support.

When a vendor has done little or nothing to support the
hobby, I feel no duty to support them.

But when someone like Kim really tries and reaches out, I
think that deserves recognition."

Well I second all that. But I'll add this: purchasing from
AHS doesn't feel like "giving" -- it feels entirely selfish
-- they sell really good stuff, with great service, and all
at very good, usually the best prices.

If I sound fanatical, it comes from several years of
looking for better lights and better deals.  PCs are the
only way to go, but, counting the service, you won't find a
better deal to light up your tanks.

Scott H.

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