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Re: Ultralux and T5 florescent lights -- and PCs

At 05:23 AM 8/5/2003 -0400, you wrote:
 I have occassinaly bought PCs from sources other
than AHS, even Ebay.

This brings up one of my pet peeves. Sometimes posters talk about supporting your LFS even if it costs more.

My LFS costs triple and does nothing to support my hobby. They had the gall to offer me a MAXIMUM of $30 for riccia they planned to sell for $320 (it was a LOT of riccia), and that was in trade, not cash.

Kim costs 10% more than the best price I can find if that, and speaks at conventions and donates door prizes and ...

I have no doubt in my mind who to support.

When a vendor has done little or nothing to support the hobby, I feel no duty to support them.

But when someone like Kim really tries and reaches out, I think that deserves recognition.