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Interesting Atlanta stores?

Hi Penny,

My favorite store in the Atlanta area is Petland at 5900 State Bridge Rd in
Duluth.  They are located in the Target/Home Depot parking lot near the
State Bridge/Medlock Bridge intersection.  The phone is (770) 495-4648.
They carry a wide selection of plants and algae eaters (SAE's, Amano's,
cherry shrimp, ottos).  There are several knowledgeable plant people there
and they are really nice. They have the best and widest selection of plants
in this area.

Another place, that I haven't been in ages, but who also carries plants is
Fish Store and More at 3145 Peachtree Rd NE in Atlanta. They are more
saltwater oriented but a nice place to visit.  Their number is (404)