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Plant fest concluded

We had 9 lucky people for the trips.
All were worn out at the end. Most had seen enough but some part inside you
wanted to see more.

We visited 3 basic ecotypes.

2 Hard clear water rivers
Soft acid tannin blackwater pools
Soft acid tannin blackwater rivers

We found substantial driftwood as well in some pools.
Folks got to experience/see many of the plants we keep as they exist in
nature. It was not so much a species hunt as it was something fun to do.
Some ran off with many bags of plants.

Ricky Cain and others will post some photo's, he brought along a digital
underwater camera. 

Some of these springs were characterized as the most beautiful FW water they
had ever seen. Rainbow springs was especially clear this time. We stopped
off at Cedar Key for dinner on the Gulf after collecting at the Suwanee

Pretty fun and successful based on everyone's assessment at the end.
Everyone was happy to have come and and seen the plants.

Tom Barr