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Re: T5 florescents and Ultralux Ballasts

The other big boast for HO T5s is that they are dimmable.
I wonder if the filaments are different or if the same
things are possible with comparable diameter and similarly
power rated PCs?
Dimmability (another of by trusty words ;-) is usually determined by the ballast rather than the bulb. PCs may well be dimmable if a dimmable ballast existed for them.

I think T8s are supposed to be more energy efficient than
PCs or HO T5s, although they certainly ack less light into
a given space.

I think the efficiency is very, very close between T8's and PC's. There is a chart floating around somewhere, maybe archived on the Krib, that lists a bunch of different lights and efficiencies using several different measurements to determine the efficiencies. If I remember correctly, T8's were on top, then PC's, and then MH.


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