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Re: LIghting for 90 gallon

At 05:07 AM 8/3/2003, you wrote:

Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2003 13:09:52 +0000
From: sdgoett at att_net
Subject: Lighting for 90 gallon

I am still in the process of setting up my 90 gallon (I asked questions about
lighting it with compact fluorescents a few weeks to months ago and got many
responses - thanks).  Unfortunately I do not have much money to invest in the
tank right now so I am not going to get CP lights just yet.  I do however
have enough regular fluorescent fixtures to put on the tank to get 120watts
(two 48" bulbs and two 24" bulbs).  I am still a bit confused as to the whole
T8/T12 thing.  I am not sure if both can be used in my lights.  The one light
with the 2 24" has T12s in it now the light made for 2 48" bulbs has no bulb
in it and I don't know which it is supposed to have.  If I am going to use
this for freshwater plants and fish which size bulb should I use (T8 or T12)
and which K (5,000K, 10,000K, etc.)?  Specific brands and names would be nice
to make shopping easier.  Keeping cost down would be nice too.  I do not
particular like the yelowish lights, but if they are good for the plants I
can probably mix them with whiter ones.




Home depot is now carrying the new Phillips brand flouscent bulbs. They carry 5500K , 6700k and an 8500k bulb if memory serves correct.. WIth these three you can get a very nice mix of color for both the plants and the eye. These are all t-12 right now from what i've seen and the prices is decent at only a few $ a bulb. Both two and 4' are available. I hope this is helpful to you.

Berne Kairunas
Metro Detroit Aquatic Plant Supply
pmdd and planted tank supplies by e-mail.
sales at mdaps dot biz

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