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Ultralux and T5 florescent lights

Hello Roger:
   In answer to your post - Yes, I have an Ultralux
ballast on my hood and want to get the most out of it.
 I can't seem to get any appropriate lights locally in
the Newburgh, NY area and that includes Home Depot.  I
need the 3ft tubes.  The LFS sell tubes that are way
over priced and have been sitting on the shelves so
long that they have oxidized metal surfaces.  So I am
planning to place an order and have tubes shipped to
me.  I simply need to know if the HO T5 or regular T5
are best and then what brand to order to as to get
around 5500k to 6500K which I like on my tanks.  
   Otherwise I need brand name for appropriate T8
tubes and that is what I will order. 
   I have PC's on my other tanks and am deligthed with
them.  So far I have ordered those tubes from AH
Supply, but wonder if there is not a cheaper source
for those as well.
Thanks, Diana

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