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Low noise fans -- or - I thought only Pellia endivaefolia went by more than one name

Bill Wichers defined his special term, "fannage," saying,
in part:

> Why only DIY devices when you can DIY language too :-)

Good question!

Here at the NY/NJ airports (JFK, LGA, EWR), they have had
*signage* programs for a couple of decades.  You wouldn't
think it would take decades to get useful signs in the
right places, but in fact, that isn't enough time and the
programs are still underway with the end (and some signs)
not in sight.  I've come to think that the fact that they
(we) refer to signs as "signage" is a good *sign* that the
programs are overblown (high blowage) and focused more on
continuing the programs than on improving the signs.

Sometimes screwing with words is good fun.  Sometimes it
costs millions of dollars  :-( .

That sad memory came to mind and gave me pause when I saw
Bill's terminologiousity.  But luckily, there was no info
lost (or gained ;-)  ) in his usage.  Btw, "utilize" used
to be used in place of "usage," which was a 90s replacement
for "use."  Somehow, when we replace ordinary words, we
increase the number of letters, and in that activity of
interfacing with the limpness of the lexicon, display once
again the preoccupation with the notionality that increased
dimensionality counts!

Scott H., who now is going back to his plantage, which is
enjoying new lightification from bulboid substitutionality.

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