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96watt bulbs on sale -- or - Close call choosing bargain or brightness

Customaquatic, with whom I have happily done business on a
number of ocassions, is selling Panasonic 96watt PCs
(10000k) for $20.


That's a dern good price.  I tried them and they appear
slightly bluer and just a tad less bright than the AH
Supply 96 watt (10000k) bulbs.  I didn't actually measure
the lumens or PAR so I can't comment on that.

CustomAquatic is also selling 55watt PCs (also 10000k)
comparably cheap but note that they are the "square" 4-pin
design and not the straight-inline 4-pin design.  As a
rule, you can't just swap one for the other -- the ballast
requirements differ and although one particular ballast may
be able to adequately run either type bulb, the wiring
configuration would probably be different.

I'm just guessing that slightly less light in the lower
frequncy range is the reason for the slightly bluer and
slightly less bright appearance.  But the difference is
indeed small.  Depending on the tightness of your budget
and your lighting needs, these might be a hard bargain to
pass up. At the very least, for the price, they make good
backup/spare bulbs.  

But the prize for bright appearance goes to the AHS bulbs,
which is one of the reasons I like to do business with AHS
-- Kim always selects very good stock.

Scott H.

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