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Re: Rebuilding my Canopy -- Covering Tops

Newcomb, Lew said, in part:

> . . .I think I lose more CO2 with an open
> top than I would with
> a cover of some kind.  I believe this strongly enough
> that I am planning to
> invest in a covering sheet of some type of plastic (I'll
> check the archives

Ordianry glass is the cheapest. Acrylic (e.g., Plexiglass)
is the cheapest after ordinary glass.  But acrylic absorbs
enough water to warp.  You can reduce or virtually
eliminate the warping by increasing the thickness
(laminating 2 sheets of 1/8" or 3/16" material together) or
by putting on a small frame, in effect, making the sheet
more like a tray with short walls.  With an  outer frame,
you'll still get bowing in the center, but that's not a big
deal.  Of course, the frame must be short enough to not
interfere with hood closing ;-)

Scott H.

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