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Planted Aquarium Substrate

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> Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:44:57 -0000
> From: "Phil Thowney" <phil_thowney at solray.co.uk>
> Subject: Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:44:57 -0000
> I am on a quest to find the best substrate for a planted aquarium and was
> wondering what some of you guys use and how successful the results.
> Thanks,
> Phil.

Well, I'm sitting in my study typing this, I have 3 planted 29 gallon tanks 
in here, the 4th is a 20 long with two musk turtles in it that I inherited 
after my daughter tired of them.

Tank number 1 is a beauty, my best tank. I elevated the 2 back corners by 
placing a piece of slate diagnally across the back corner, one side has sag 
subulata and the other side Italian val. I have an aponogotan ulvaceus balanced 
with a beautiful banana plant that lost it's bananas but has beautiful immersed 
and floating leaves. I have an anubias nana in the middle, and groves of crypt 
Mohemanni and Wendetti, and Balansae on either side.

The substrate is sand over peat plates and plant plugs. 

The tank below it sprang a leak a few years ago. I bought a new one and threw 
some peat plates on the bottom covered by sand, figuring I would reset it 
later. Now, I have a beautiful anubias coffeolis in the middle, a beautiful grove 
of Crypt Becketti on one side and Retrospiralis on the other. There are also 
about 4 nanas in bloom that I just threw in there because I didn't know what 
to do with them, and it has a beautiful banana plant that grew from a plantlet 
from a floating leaf. The tank is beautiful and completely unplanned.

The third tank is my "baby". It has flurite under sand and CO2 injection. 
It's also a disaster, the plants look terrible and in another month I'm going to 
redo the whole thing.

So go figure. LOL And sorry for all the spelling errors, it's late.

                       Gerry Skau
                       All The World's A Stage, But The Play Is Badly 
Cast---Oscar Wilde

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