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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #239


I am sure there are other solutions and brands but I was aware of these
because of some research on lighting possibilities for a 36" tank I was
thinking of setting up.  I have not considered NO T12s mostly because of
their size and I am still of the high octane persuasion lighting wise.  I
guess there is always the T12 VHO option if you want a lot of light but
again the T12 bulb size kept me from looking into this option..

There are some 39W T5 HO bulbs made by Osram that are 849 mm (33.42").  They
are rated at a 2850 lumen output with a 6000ºK color temp and CRI of 85.
Part # FQ39W/860 Lumilux.  They make some nice clip on reflectors for this
bulb, and both fixed and dimmable ballasts (that are supposed to actually
work - not hurt the bulb's longevity or the spectral output).  Two of these
would give you about 2.42 w/g, three would be 3.54 w/g.

If you want less light, there is a 21W T5 HE, also 849 mm, with 1750 lumens,
6000ºK temp and 85 CRI.  Part # FH21W/860 Lumilux.  3 bulbs - 1.90 w/g, 4
bulbs - 2.55 w/g, 5 bulbs - 3.18 w/g.	

In T8s they make a 30W T8 that are 895 mm long (35.24").  Lumen output is
2350 with a 6000ºK temp and an 85 CRI.  Part # L30W/860 Lumilux.  They make
this same size bulb in a 6500ºK temp with a 97 CRI though the lumen output
drops to 1600.  From what I have read this is normal as lumen is geared
towards the human eye and not representative of actual light output.  Part
number L30W/965 Biolux.  If CRI is not of concern to you, there is a 75 CRI
bulb in this size with lumen output of 1800 and a 6500ºK temp.  Part #
L30W/10-765 Daylight Basic T8.  They have a bulb that is called a Gro-lux
but I do not have any specs on it other than lumen output - 1000.  Part #
L30W/77 Fluora.  2 bulbs - 1.82 w/g, 3 bulbs - 2.73 w/g, 4 bulbs - 3.64 w/g.

In the compact bulbs they have a 36W bulb that is 411 mm long (16.18").  It
is available in a 6000ºK temp, 2750 lumen output and an 80 something CRI.
If you prefer a higher CRI, there is a 90 something CRI, 5000ºK temp with
1900 lumen output.  Two of these would cover one row in your 36" tank and
you can get some pretty nice reflectors/ballasts etc. from AHS.  AHS also
has these or similar bulbs in 5300ºK and 6700ºK temps.  I have a couple of
their kits and they are phenomenal lighting.  On row of 2 - 2.24 w/g, two
rows of 2 - 4.36.w/g or you could use a T5 or T8 for the second row to get
somewhere in between.  

If you are interested I have a data sheet from Osram that shows all these
and more, though few are suitable for aquarium purposes.

BTW - I do not know how many bulbs will fit over your tank and am confused
by the 36" long bulb length you mention.  The only 33 gal I could find as
standard was a 48x13x12.  All the 36" tanks I found were either 12" or 18"
deep (front to back) and only 30 gallons.  If you have a 48" long tank, your
options are much greater.

If you are suspending the fixture you might also want to look at MH

Hope this helps.

> Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 15:16:06 -0300
> From: Matt Jarsky <studio at cheapo_cc>
> Subject: Rebuilding my Canopy - T8 or T12? and other queries...
> Hello,
> I am in the process of rebuilding the canopy for my 33 gallon planted
> aquarium.
> My main question is this, should I buy a fixture to handle T8 or T12
> tubes? (FYI, tubes are 36")
> Are there (m)any T8 tubes suited to planted aquarium use?
> I am planning to build a suspended canopy that allows ready access to
> the tank. I guess there's more evaporation with this setup? And some
> fish may leap? Any other drawbacks?
> Cheers!
> Matt