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Re: Rebuilding my Canopy - T8 or T12? and other queries...

> Are there (m)any T8 tubes suited to planted aquarium use?

It depends on what you consider "suited." If you believe the studies
that show that 4100K bulbs produce the most photosynthesis in aquatic
plants, then the answer is definitely yes.

For example, since you're talking about 36" bulbs, there's the Philips
F25T8/841, which has a CRI of 85 and a color of 4100K. On an instant
start electronic ballast it's rated to last 15,000 hours with a
three-hour cycle, so you should in practice you should be able to get at
least two good years out of it.

Just accept up front that, especially for 36" bulbs, you may well have
to order over the internet. There are sites such as www.1000bulbs.com
that have pretty wide selections.

Be aware that the F30T8 bulbs do not have the improved power efficiency
and longer life of the F25T8s. If you do go with linears, get an
electronic ballast, and avoid both the F30T12 and F30T8 bulbs in favor
of the F25T8s.

A big advantage of T8s is their cost. The F25T8/841 I mentioned can be
had for US$3.42 each.

- Jim Seidman