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Re: Blackouts

Apologies for being late on some topics, I have some catching up to do...

Tom said:
"Next I over dosed by 3x everything then left for a week. Nice and hairy.
About 3-4 species of algae that bug folks and are often tough(Cladophora,
Rhizoclonium, Green spot, Green dust, a few diatoms, BGA etc."

Cladophora.... any relationship to Cladophora Balls?

What about Beard/Hair algae?

I always have a little beard or hair algae growing on my Cladophora Balls
and Riccia, both as you can imagine are hard to clean as they fall apart
very easily when trying to remove the algae with a tooth brush. I've been
wanting to get rid of this algae permanently and have never attempted a
longer blackout than 4 days. Would a 6 day blackout as you tried harm my
cladophora balls or riccia? I know the other plants can take it but have
doubts on these two.

In my own small world of experimentations, I doubled my FE levels for the
last couple of weeks, plants show better growth and increased pearling
however green dust on the glass has significantly increased, in particular
where water current is lower. I increased circulation last night to see if
it will help reduce it somewhat.

Giancarlo Podio