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Re: Rebuilding my Canopy - T8 or T12? and other queries...

Matt Jarsky asked:
> I am in the process of rebuilding the canopy for my 33
> gallon planted
> aquarium. . . My main question is this, should I buy a 
> fixture to
> handle T8 or T12
> tubes? (FYI, tubes are 36") 
> Are there (m)any T8 tubes suited to planted aquarium use?

Consider using Power Compacts or the newer High Output T5
bulbs.  Shop around for prices, but Ah Supply
(ahsupply.com) is a very good source for Power Compact
kits.  Very good products and prices and excellent service.

> I am planning to build a suspended canopy that allows
> ready access to
> the tank. I guess there's more evaporation with this
> setup? And some
> fish may leap? Any other drawbacks?

If there is no glass cover over the water, you have to
consider whether moisture will get onto the electrical
equipment.  In any event, be sure to use a GFCI outlet and
ground your canopy and ballast according to the directions
that come with them.

Scott H.

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