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Excess Eichornia diversifolia

I have a lot of excess E. diversifolia produced in my 15 gallon guppy slum, which is an amazing producer of plants. I put in rain water plus some micronutrients, iron DPTA, KCl, MgSO4 and some lime. There is 80 watts of CF on top. I feed generous amounts of flake food, and the tank becomes so packed with plants that the guppies can hardly move around. There is no added CO2, but all those guppies produce quite a bit. Surprisingly, some plants, such as H. polysperma, do not grow well under these conditions, but the E. diversifolia does well, and so does Ludwigia arcuata, which soon establishes itself as an emersed plant growing on top of the diversifolia. I also got out a huge ball of Eleocharis vivipara, but I can't imagine anyone wanting that plant, which IMO, has undergone convergent evolution until it is almost like hair algae.

I have some E. diversifolia for give-a-way or trade. I am looking for some Ludwigia glandulosa, Cryptocoryne affinis, or Cryptocoryne albida in trade. the E. diversifolia will have pieces of Eleocharis vivipara coming along with it, and if you don't want to introduce that species, float the diversifolia stems in a pan of water and carefully pick off all the E. vivipara. Fortunately, it hasn't converged with hair algae to the point where it attaches to other plants. It just becomes tangled with them.
Paul Krombholz in muggy, but dry, central Mississippi