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RE: Tropica's Pellia endiviaefolia

Dear Stephan

When Tropica got the "Pellia" from an exhibition and a nursery in Asia, we got it with the name "Pellia endiviaefolia"!

As usually we send it for identification at the scientific specialists!
We got some indications, that the right name perhaps was "Pellia endiviaefolia", but we had to be patient for the final identification! There was also a discussion on different synonyms - but we decided to wait until the scientific work was finish!

The final identification is now finished, and it will be published in the next issue of "The Aquatic Gardener" and in the German "Aqua Planta"! It is both a new genera and species name!
I better wait with the name - until the magazines write about in the near future :)

I do not like when we at Tropica introduce a plant under a wrong name - but it is what happens - some times the identification takes so long time that we cannot wait until we do have the right name! Some times it can take many years before we are sure on the names! And some times - the plants will change names be course of new scientific works! The last years more than 10 plants have changed names. In the future some of the Echinodorus will also change names!

Best regards

Claus Christensen
Tropica Aquarium Plants, Denmark