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re: Fish Geeks

Robert Hudson wrote:

> Karen, I've searched and searched, and can not find any article by you on
> the WEB site, so apparently it has been removed!

Yes, he removed them at my request.

> I have no connection to the
> WEB site, but in all honesty Sean was correct: their database of articles
> all user driven. Anyone who is a registered member of their forum can post
> an article. Its all scripted for anyone, you or me to post.  I imagine it
> unmoderated and probably intended to encourage people to contribute their
> own articles, but apparently a couple of well intentioned people took it
> upon themselves to post other peoples articles. They did credit the
> to the author though!

It's still illegal, and it's better that Sean hear it from me than from
someone who decides to sue him.  This would NOT be a frivolous suit like
some.  For the benefit of other site owners, the owner of a site is
responsible for permissions for material belonging to a third party that is
posted on their site.  They cannot actively solicit submission of this type
of material then shrug their shoulders and say "Someone else posted it so
it's not my fault."  If they want to use material on their site, THEY are
responsible for getting permission, and maintaining a record.

> They have a small, but active plant forum with some very nice and friendly
> people. Sean doesn't really take an active role in the forums.

This was not a quote on a forum, which, with proper attribution WOULD be
legal.  This was the copying of a number of my articles in entirety, from at
least two different sites without the permission of either myself, or the
people who owned and operated those other sites.  These articles were added
to the Fish Geek library.  There is a big difference between that and a
quote on a forum.  If Sean doesn't want to take an active part in his forum,
he needs to train his moderators better, and tighten up his procedures for
allowing the posting of articles willy nilly.

> I like to
> hang out there once in a while. I am sure many of them are devoted readers
> of this list.

Then I hope they learn something as well.  Using someone else's written
material without their knowledge and consent is theft.  Ask me first, and as
long as the use is not for profit, you will most likely GET my consent.  If
I find out that you HAVEN'T asked, expect that I will demand that the
material be removed.

This is common courtesy.  I suspect most of the serious writers on this (and
any other) list would feel the same way.  They at least deserve to be made
aware that their articles may have been stolen, and have the chance to
decide for themselves what they want to do.

Sean may have been naive enough not to have known that you need permission
to use other people's articles, but now he needs to rectify the situation.
He has told me that he will seek permissions from the authors with material
on his site.  I simply want my friends here, who may be effected, to have
the opportunity to either give or deny that permission.

His site may be friendly, and it may be useful. But it will be a better site
if it is run ethically and legally.