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RE: Low Noise Fans

 Bill Wichers 

> As far as I know all the Panaflows are DC fans. Pabst
> (German manufacturer) 
> makes some excellent low-noise AC fans (as well as DC),
> but they tend to be 
> fairly expensive. They balance each fan with small
> weights to reduce 
> vibration though which I rarely see in small fans like
> we're talking about 
> here. If you ever see one surplus they are an *excellent*
> fan to use. I 
> don't think I'd spend the money to buy one new though.

Small world, Pabst is one of the lines owned by EBM.  I
don't think it's a question of whether they are worth the
money so much as can one afford a really good fan.  but I
am biased:  Noise, heat, and reliability are big issues for
me when setting up a tank. I just hates them cheap fans. 
Some care less, some don't use fans at all.

Scott H.

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