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RE: Low Noise Fans

You said it!

The Panaflows are all a DC line aren't they?  I haven't
seen AC models. . . But hen wall warts are cheap :-)

As far as I know all the Panaflows are DC fans. Pabst (German manufacturer) makes some excellent low-noise AC fans (as well as DC), but they tend to be fairly expensive. They balance each fan with small weights to reduce vibration though which I rarely see in small fans like we're talking about here. If you ever see one surplus they are an *excellent* fan to use. I don't think I'd spend the money to buy one new though.

Wall warts can be had from just about any surplus place for a few bucks. Great sources are http://www.allelectronics.com and http://www.mpja.com. Shouldn't be more than $3-5 for a wall wart that can run any conceivable fan. MPJA also has a fair number of surplus fans with more specs available than most surplus places so that may be a good place to look first for anyone looking for an inexpensive AND low-noise fan.


Digikey also carries EBM and the lesser (imo) fans from

They even have the Flatpaks ;-)

Shop till you drop!  Info is what makes a choice a
considered judgement rather than just a guess.

Scott H.

Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator