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RE: Fish Geeks web site (formerly JAWS)

>>I know a number of you have, like me, written articles which you have then
contributed to various websites, such as The Krib or Aquarticles.  If you
have, please check out the above site and see if this person ("Sean" is his
first name, he hasn't bothered to tell me his last) has taken your material
without proper permission or attribution.  He (or his members... his very
quick to try to blame everyone else for his trampling of copyrights) have
clearly farmed both of the above sites for articles... my guess is they
aren't the only ones.<<

Karen, I've searched and searched, and can not find any article by you on
the WEB site, so apparently it has been removed! I have no connection to the
WEB site, but in all honesty Sean was correct: their database of articles is
all user driven. Anyone who is a registered member of their forum can post
an article. Its all scripted for anyone, you or me to post.  I imagine it is
unmoderated and probably intended to encourage people to contribute their
own articles, but apparently a couple of well intentioned people took it
upon themselves to post other peoples articles. They did credit the article
to the author though!

They have a small, but active plant forum with some very nice and friendly
people. Sean doesn't really take an active role in the forums. I like to
hang out there once in a while. I am sure many of them are devoted readers
of this list.

Robert Paul Hudson