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RE: Tank blackouts and effect on fish

CAn you go 5 days without feeding the fish?

YOu can and it shouldn't be a problem.  Although it's
better if you can get someone to come in once or twice to

Re the algae.  Teh green dust problably is palin old glass
algae.  Scrape the glass and then do a big water change
right awy.  

Slimy sounds like BGA.  How's your phosphate and nitrate
levels?  I only seem to get BGA if I let the phosphate get
too low, especially if there's plenty of nitrates. 
Boosting the PO4 knocks the BGA back.  If that's your
situation, clean up what you can. vacuum out what you
scrape off -- good time to do a big water change.

Feed the fish well before leaving but don't overdo it --
you don't want a big nitrate spike.  Blackout is good but
check you PO4 and NO3 levels if you can -- or do a big
water change and follow Tom Barr's recommends on dosing to
approximate a good balance in nutrient levels -- that's not
a bad regimen to follow in any event ;-)

Good luck,
Scott H.

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