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Tank blackouts and effect on fish.

Hello, I'm going away on vacation soon so was thinking of trying a blackout
on my tank to get rid of an algae that seems to be a cross between BGA and
Green Spot.  It grows super quickly on the glass (1 day to become
noticeable) but comes off very easily even when left for a while.  In light
coats it comes off and disperses into the water like dust, in thicker coats
comes off as a slime (looks like blue-green sludge).  Doesn't effect the
plants but I'm tired of cleaning the glass every other day.

Anyway I'm going to be away for 5 days and was wondering about the effect on
fish during a blackout.  I have a automatic feeder but I won't be able to
use that if everything is blacked out.  So can fish handle 5 days without
food?  Got mainly neons, glowlights, clown loaches, algae eating shrimps.