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Fish Geeks web site

I know a number of you have, like me, written articles which you have then
contributed to various websites, such as The Krib or Aquarticles.  If you
have, please check out the above site and see if this person ("Sean" is his
first name, he hasn't bothered to tell me his last) has taken your material
without proper permission or attribution.  He (or his members... his very
quick to try to blame everyone else for his trampling of copyrights) have
clearly farmed both of the above sites for articles... my guess is they
aren't the only ones.

As I told him when I asked him to remove my articles from his site, (they
are available from a number of other internet sources with proper
permissions already, so it is no loss to the hobby community) if he had
acted in an honorable manner and asked to use the articles, I would have
freely given him permission.

Those of you who have written the other articles will have to decide for
yourselves what to do, but I don't want to support a site that is run in
such a dishonorable manner.