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Re: Dangerous needle valves

Tom Said .....
> You didn't 'naturally' have to do anything of the sort. You chose to do so
> in order to set up this argument.

> Soooo, needle valves are now dangerous to your fish? What a crock.
> TW

I say,

You are missing the point...........
It's CO2 which is potentially dangerous to fish

Dave Said.....
> "I set it too high, then too low, then when I was getting closer to just
> right, I was distracted. I forgot about that task until this AM when I
> noticed my fish were gasping at the surface. I soon discovered a cascade
> bubbles coming out of the CO2 diffusor, so I shut off the needle valve.
> I have a few dead fish (from suffocation), an airstone running (to diffuse
> the excess CO2), and a valuable lesson: be darned careful when fooling
> something potentially dangerous to your fish."

Madan Subramanian
Bangalore, India.

One must first be young and foolish
in order to one day be old and wise.