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Dangerous needle valves.

Why do the regulars on this list continue to let this crap fly?

"Yesterday I noticed my Eheim diffusor needed cleaning for the first time in
3 years"

I doubt it was 3 years, but okay.

"Prior to removing it, I shut off my needle valve, so naturally I needed to
readjust it putting things back together."

You didn't 'naturally' have to do anything of the sort. You chose to do so
in order to set up this argument.

"I set it too high, then too low, then when I was getting closer to just
right, I was distracted. I forgot about that task until this AM when I
noticed my fish were gasping at the surface. I soon discovered a cascade of
bubbles coming out of the CO2 diffusor, so I shut off the needle valve. Now
I have a few dead fish (from suffocation), an airstone running (to diffuse
the excess CO2), and a valuable lesson: be darned careful when fooling with
something potentially dangerous to your fish."

Soooo, needle valves are now dangerous to your fish? What a crock.