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Ludwigia species

I was hoping that someone could help me identify these Ludwigia species.  The 
first one I think might be L. mullertii, but there seems to be some confusion 
about whether this a hybrid or not.  The second I have tentatively matched 
with L. repens x arcuata, as it seems very similar to the picture in Kasselman's 
book.  The blades and stems turn a bright red/violet color once they are free 
of the shadow of the Myriophyllum I grow next to it.  The third I think might 
be glandulosa, but I haven't seen many good pictures of it, and the one I 
took isn't exactly top-notch.

Pic 1:  (mullertii?)

Pic 2:  (repens x arcuata?)

Pic 3:  (glandulosa?)

Thanks in advance for any responses,
Brian Rippon