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T'was not quite what I'd listed

The children still were nestled all snug in the bed
as I browsed all the forums, checked email and read.

When up from the tank there a rose such a clatter 
I turned from the screen to see what was the matter 
and what to my wondering eyes should appear 
why Trumpet Snails hide in my tank is now clear. 

A big rosy barb, all piggy and fat, 
was attacking a snail at the glass, rat-a-tat.

She sucked it and slammed it then tossed it aside 
near the other I'd found that I'd thought had just died. 
Near the bits of ulvaceus, the vals and the melons, 
I knew she ate algae, but oh, my, what a felon!

The lettuce I fed her last night slowly waved 
almost gone now and yet she eats snails, I'm amazed.

I think I shall keep her, and those two of her brood
but I'll add snails to the list of what she thinks is food.

by Anonapersona