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Re: AF cichlids in plant tank

Hi Tom,

>Try it and see. If the fish appear stressed raise it back up. It's not hard
>and can be reversed quickly. You can also use a small tank to try out the 
CO2 >effects etc

 You have convinced me, after I run a small tank for a few months to get the 
feel for it I will then add a peacock to see if it effects the color or 
health. If all goes well the 125g will be next.

>If the fish are wild caught, I might raise the KH/GH to around 15KH/20GH.
>You can try lowering this later after a few months or acclimate the
>F1's/F2's to lower KH/GH/pH etc.

 I don't understand what you are trying to say in the above statement. About 
75% of my peacocks are F0's.
 Is it OK to raise the KH up and how high can I go without effecting plant 
 If I did raise the KH would it be done with baking soda and if so how long 
does the baking soda usually last? Or is there a better way to raise the KH?


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