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Re: Nutrients

Hi Tom,

>A KH of 5 and pH of 6.75 or so will = about 28ppm of CO2.
? A KH of 15 and a pH of 7.2 will = 28ppm of CO2.
? Both tanks have about the same CO2 level.
? Get the relationship?<

Yes, I just wasn't sure want kind of CO2 level was needed for good plant 

>You can add baking soda to raise the KH if you want.<

Right now I have - KH 5 / Ph 7.4 = CO2 6
If I added baking soda to raise the KH, then had - KH 10 / pH 7.4 would the 
CO2 go?????????????????????? 
up to 12 just because I added baking soda? (that's assuming that the pH 
didn't go up because of the baking soda)

>I wouldn't.<


>The Peacocks should have no problems. I've seen them in softer
water. <

I don't know but I would guess that if I kept the Peacocks at a pH of 6.8 
that they wouldn't have as good as color as they have at 7.4.
That is my only reason for not wanting to go that low. I have picked and 
choose most all of these Peacocks from an importer here in Houston and I have 
rarely ever seen such fish in any of the LFS.


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