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Re: nutrients

Bill asks:
>> Anyway do you have any suggestions on what I can or should do to improve the
>> carbon situation?
I say:

> DIY CO2, it's cheap.
>> Does a lower Ph still help with carbon uptake when using Excel?
> I would suppose so.


Paul says:
> O.K., I'll bite.  Why would a lower pH help with carbon uptake
> when _not_ using Excel?
> The CO2 concentration (and the H2CO3 concentration) do not
> _depend_ on the pH.  Don't forget - the pH is _set_ by the CO2 concentration
> and the KH.  A low pH may be achieved by raising the CO2 concentration, but
> you can't get a good CO2 concentration by adding another acid to lower
> the pH.
> Paul Sears

Heck, I was referring to Bill using DIY CO2 to lower the pH in this context
and we know his KH is 5.

We were not talking about adding "another acid" to lower the pH. Only CO2
or/and using Excel to supply the carbon.

No, lower pH by itself is not going to help (Not being a plant nutrient)
unless it's due to addition of CO2 in a good range which is what I was
suggesting he use the DIY to lower it to a pH of 6.8 previously. CO2 + Excel
on top of that would not hurt I would suppose.  At least that's what I meant
within this context.

Tom Barr