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Re: Plants too big for the typical aquarium

Hmmm...Aponogeton boivinianus fo one. I had one in a 125 and it had leaves 4 
inches wide and over three feet long. They blocked about 1/2 the light in the 
tank from the other plants. Crinum aquatica is a nice plant. I had one about 3 
years old in a 90 gallon. When I broke the tank down, it had leaves 5 1/2 
feet long. Too big for a smaller tank, but not bad in a larger tank as the leaves 
were not too wide.

Red rubin swords get way too big in smaller tanks. I dealt with this by 
periodically pulling all the older leaves from the base in a clock face pattern.

Aponogeton ulvaceous also, as mentioned in an earlier post.


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