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Re: New Plant Protocol -- or - Blondie's Rinse

Billinet at aol_com  asked:

> Plants vary in their ability to withstand the 19:1 bleach
> rinse.  My anubias  
> prosper after three minutes in it; the same dosage almost
> destroyed my 
> corkscrew val.  I don't know about other plants.  Maybe
> someone else can add 
> something.

I can add a little.  most plants can withstand 2 minutes. 
4 minutes should be enough to knock of hair algae, snails,
eggs, and most other hitchikers.  Generally, the finer the
leaves, the less time they can withstand.   I can't give a
run down on lots of plants but for plants you haven't
bleached before it's best to test what a piece of the plant
before putting an entire plant, or an entire lot of plants
into the breech, er, bleach.  If a plant looked okay right
out of the bleach but seemed to be sufferng form the bath
over the next few days, it will more than likely recover
with healthy new leaves.

Good luck
--- Cheryl R. have you been noticing the traffic about
bleach recently? ---

Scott H.

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