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Critique a Planted Tank - Please

I have been following this list and its archives for several years while
tinkering with a 46gal tank.  I am starting a 182gal tank (don't tell the
wife, maybe she won't notice until its too late) and would like to ask
input, opinions, and constructive criticism.  Feel free to express any
concerns (I would really like to kick the tires) either on- or off-list.

My basic premise is to keep with off-the-shelf components for easy
combination (and replacement if necessary) and as many redundant systems as
possible for failure safety.  The tank will be heavily planted with a
"mountain to plains" effect (a real learning experience...).  Fauna will
include apistos, rams, discus, corys, SAEs, dwarf loaches, otos, dwarf
whiptails, japonica shrimp (?) and maybe a synodontis.

Here goes...

Tank: 182gal, 5' wide x 2' deep x 2.5' tall
Gravel: Flourite, 4" deep base, 8" and 10" deep terraces
Background: Cork wall tiles 1/2" thick
Lighting: Custom Sea Life retro-fit kit with dual 250watt MH 6500K bulbs
(could go down to 175watt) with dual 65watt PCs, Custom Sea Life retro-fit
kit with dual 65watt PCs (up close to the front glass to show fish color
highlights), and some low wattage "moon" lighting
Filtration: Dual Magnum 350's with bifurcated returns (one at the surface
and one deeper in the tank water) and basic mechanical filtration only
CO2: 10lb canister with pH meter/solenoid and injection into the canister
filter intakes
Heating: Dual 300watt, 42' undergravel heaters (alternatively, I am
considering dual 250watt Ebo-Jager heaters in Rainbow Lifegard inline
UV:  Dual 8watt Rainbow Lifegard inline modules (not running full time)
Maintenance: 42gal water changer (well water, carbon filtered, heated,
weekly or biweekly), daily PMDD

The idea with the dual returns from the Magnum canisters is to lower the
local flow rate in the tank and balance the resistance of the inline UV and
heater modules.  This should help keep CO2 in the water but still circulate
the water column for the plants.

Any and all comments welcome.  Too much this... Too little that... What are
you crazy?!

J Sullivan.

Jason Sullivan
Clinton, NJ
mailto:jason_sullivan at alum.mit.edu