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George, I'd snatch your tank up in a second if...

I'd snatch your tank up in a second if....I hadn't spent so much money
on my own 120gal trying to duplicate it!  I also live in Upstate New
York, so I'm not exactly in the neighborhood.  How far are your and
Carla's travels taking you these days?  <g>.  In my humble estimation
you're selling your very best tank.

It's been down for several years as my wife and I have been extensively
remodeling our home.  Goal is to start breaking the 120 in by September.
My approach is a bit different as I am growing my Discus to adulthood in
a separate tanks.  I'll add them as sub/full adults in December/January.
I've been documenting the effort, but it's a pretty dull read at the
moment, as I've just written about the woes of repairing leaks in
homemade 80 gallon tanks, repairing cracks in a 20gal wet/dry and
replacing the 'plungers' in aged,insufficient air pumps.  Nothing told
in the way of plant keeping yet.
Peter ODwyer