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RE: Plants which are too big for typical aquariums

>>After my experience with the Ulvaceus plant, I'd like to know which
in your opinions, grow too  large for "typical" aquariums.  Typical to me
is 75 gallons or less,  48" long, about 22 inches high,  18 inches deep (my
75 gallon dimensions).  Typical to you may be something different, so, if
you think something gets too large for a 100 gallon+ aquarium, PLEASE
include it in your list!<<

Well I disagree with you. I like ulvaceus very much. I don't think its too
big for anything above 55 gallons. Aponogeton bovinianus is about the same
size, and most other Aponogetons have leaves just as long. Most sword plants
will outgrow even very large tanks eventually. Crinums can grow leaves three
or four feet long with massive root systems. Some Vals get two or three feet
long. Giant hairgrass a couple feet or more, there are some very large
Anubias species. Tiger lotus would probably be too big by your standards.

Robert Paul Hudson
12 gallon nano plant cube complete!