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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #226

Scott writes:

> I couldn't disagree more.  

You couldn't disagree more with what?  I in no way meant to disparage her 
book.  It is wonderful and all of my tanks are set up using her methods.  All I 
was saying was this:  If you want information on how to set up a "high tech" 
aquarium using substrate additives such as laterite, engage in the use of CO2 
fertilization and you want to know which trace element brands are good to use, 
her book is not the very best option.  She upholds the "low-tech" 
methods--which I completely agree with.  The reason I posted such was in response to 
another list member's query about the best possible substrate, and I believe Walstad 
nailed soil and the reasons for soil with her book.

Brian Rippon

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